Space and time for contemporary productions
18.30 Uhr
18.30 Uhr

Felix Chang

Wújìn means "endless". An endless expansion of the mind, from the real to the spiritual world, in Taoist and Western dance practice.
The performance negotiates the interconnecting potential of philosophical and cultural differences. It deals with the root of the self - the transformation process - and asks how a person can become a medium. By transposing Chang's Taoist practice with contemporary movement elements, we aim to build a bridge to a shared spiritual experience.

„If there’s an afterlife, we have to meet again.”

Choreographie: Felix Chang
Stage Design: Mireille Solomon
Composer: Giuseppe Rizzo
Dance: Felix Chang, Gabriella Lemma
Dramaturgy, Project Management: Toni Kelm

In cooperation with the MA Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research of J.W. Goethe University.

© Jonathan Schüssler

Reservation here: 5 € reduced, 10 € regular
Please bring the amount in cash. We also accept PayPal on site if necessary.

Duration: 45 minutes
At the beginning of the piece we invite you to a shared practice. How much you would like to participate is of course up to you. We would like to create a moment of exchange.

Content note: Some of the music is quite loud. There will be free earplugs available on site.

Accessibility notes: The introduction will be in English and German spoken language. The performance itself does not use spoken language. All rooms of the LAB, including the washrooms, are wheelchair accessible. There will be some beanbags in the performance space.
There won't be any food be available for sale, but beer, cider and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased from a vending machine.