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A performance by Alle Achtung Kollektiv

Two performers, one artificial intelligence and the question: „When would you like a louder voice?” If women° raise their voices, oftentimes they are not heard. They fall silent, because they cannot get through, or because they cannot put into words what has happened to them. Womens° voices are constantly dismissed as being too shrill, too timid, too soft or too loud. In “widerstimmen” two performers are experimenting with an AI-language prosthesis, trying to regain the control over their voices as well as looking for new voices, which might be useful. They do not let themselves be deterred by the many attributions history has in store for women°, nor by well-meaning advice. Can artificial intelligence help us create more gender equality in the future?

Concept/Text: Annika Müller, Ann-Kathrin Pfahler
Direction: Annika Müller
Performers: Michelle Koprow, Ann-Kathrin Pfahler
Music Design: Julian Koptisch
Digital Creative: Johannes Höfler
Communication Design: Maria Kamperidis
Tech and Light Design: Finn Panschar
Stage Design: Panni Somody

We wish to thank our Outside-Eyes Charlotte Birkner-Behlen and Pauline Puhze.

Supported by Hessische Theaterakademie and Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt.

Admission free
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Language: German