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Who's the goatit?

I stitole these bells from cows and goatits
Cows & goatits walked around
They walked around
They stitop
And they stitared on me
I came closer
I came closer and I titook the bells
I titook the bells
I titook the bells
They fled!

In a dynamic interplay between body(ies), space, musical instruments and objects, live sculptures, animated and inanimate matters, the sound is taken here as an untouchable matter through which the body can experience physical frictions, emotional connections and reconfigurations. While holding space for things to move, switch places and acquire new forms, Tetta composes sonic conversations together with the musician Marina Cyrino and the materials. Through an ethic of listening and simultaneity, the body responds and moves according to what each encounter brings up, repositioning the senses and perceptions in relation to pre-established hierarchies of the gaze. States of oscillation debasing designations. Sensory ecology. What if all the animals fled?

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Tetta
Mentor & Caring Eye: Michelle Moura
Live Music: Marina Cyrino, Tetta
Soundtrack: Tetta
Light Design: Laura Salerno
Set Design & Production of materials: Rodrigo Andreolli, Tetta
Dramaturgical support: Nargess Behrouzian
Outside Eye: Nikolas Tomislav Stäudte
Velcro Titeam Performers: Joana Ferraz, Annu Koetter, René Alejandro Huari Mateus

A production by Tetta, in cooperation with the Master’s programme Choreography and Performance at the Justus Liebig University Gießen and the Hessische Theatre Academy, with support from Kulturamt Gießen. The initial research was made possible by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

© Malin Harff

World Premiere

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7 p.m.
Duration: ca. 60 min
Language: English

Sensory Warning: Strobe lights