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19.00 Uhr

tchau, chào
A scenic reading
Nina DeLudemann, Marina Ludemann, Sven Rausch

tchau, chào (pronounced ʧaʊ, ʧaʊ) describes the irreconcilable discrepancy between a mother, her Brasilian daughter, their Vietnamese grandmothers and the places and generations that lie between them.

The woman in Germany without breasts is a fictitious character that sprung from our real-life imagination. In letters to her, we embark on a journey to places of familiar foreignness.
As daughters, mothers and people, we approach questions of displacement, flight and resettlement and inquire what marks they leave over the course of generations.
Can we become Amazons to face our inherited illnesses and traumas; and if so, can we still resist to be involved in wars we do not want to fight in?

By and with:
Marina Ludemann
Nina DeLudemann
Sven Rausch

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