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19.00 Uhr

Female Friendship
von Yinfu Gao & Ana Clara Montenegro

This project was born when two female artists from completely different cultures met in a small city in Germany. In this encounter they shared experiences on the living topics of immigration, feminism, violence, heartbreak, exclusion etc. The support they found around those topics was only possible for one reason: female friendship.
In this project, we turn our gaze at our own backgrounds (China and Brazil) to understand the practices of friendship carried out for generations and to place those practices in today’s world.
What would happen, if those two cultures met in the frame of dance and performance in Central Europe in 2024? What social and political implications could they bring to a multi-cultural context? Our aim is to navigate those questions, while creating community dance and writing sessions, making tea and herbal recipes and bringing feminist bonding tools onto the stage.

By and with: Yinfu Gao and Ana Clara Montenegro

Co-production and Premiere at ARENA Festival 2024 Erlangen.

What you can expect : 💃🔮🧶🌿🍵📖

Yinfu Gao is a freelance performing artist from China, based in Frankfurt. She holds an MA degree from Applied Theater Studies JLU-Gießen. Her artistic works are based on research about feminism and women's bodily emancipation in the Chinese context. She likes to explore the poetic relation between self-written texts and her own body movement. She offers movement workshops including K-pop, Chinese fan dance, healing and on feminist topics.

Ana Clara Montenegro is a dance artist from Brazil living and working in Germany since 2018. Her work crosses boarders between artistic and therapeutic aspects of body and movement. She is interested in connecting individual movement practice and collective action, thus she looks for ways to share contemplative and somatic techniques on stage as well as in classes/workshops. Ana Clara Montenegro has undertaken the MA Choreography and Performance at JLU-Gießen. She also works as a yoga teacher.

03.09.2024, 7 pm
6.30 pm introduction

04.09.2024, 7 pm
followed by an artist talk

Duration: ca. 45 min.