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Die Cadela Força Trilogie.
Kapitel I: Die Braut und Goodnight Cinderella

Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo
Theater der Welt

We find ourselves in a space where the past and present collide and repressed experiences return. Carolina Bianchi works through rape stories that happened in the recent decades. For this, she places herself in a position of maximum vulnerability. While she reports on how the performance artist Pippa Bacca was raped and murdered during one of her performances in 2008, Bianchi ingests a drink with knockout drops. Under the influence of the rape drink (also known as “Goodnight Cinderella”), she becomes sleepy and eventually unconscious. Bianchi’s personally motivated performance outlines boundaries that many survivors of abuse have to face. What are the possible narratives for an unconscious and “memoryless” body? And will this body ultimately be forgotten in the theater as other scenes, rituals and dialogues play out?

About the Artist(s)
Carolina Bianchi is a Brazilian theater maker, writer and performer, based in Amsterdam. Theory and practice are inseparable in her work. Her stagings combine references from literature, painting and music and she recurringly works with large numbers of performers and chorality. Departing from a crisis perspective, she initiates confabulations about sexual violence and art history, which manifest in ‘The Cadela Força Trilogy’. In 2023 Bianchi and her collective Cara de Cavalo from São Paulo premiere the first part of the trilogy: ‘The Bride and The Goodnight Cinderella’.

Cast & Credits

Conception, Text, Dramaturgy and Direction: Carolina Bianchi
Dramaturgy and partnership in continuous research process: Carolina Mendonça

Cast: BlackYva, Carolina Bianchi, Chico Lima, Fernanda Libman, Joana Ferraz, José Artur Campos, Larissa Ballarotti, Marina Matheus and Rafael Limongelli

Technical Direction, Sound Design and Original Music: Miguel Caldas
Set Design and Art: Luisa Callegari
Light Design: João Rios
Videos and Screenings: Montserrat Fonseca Llach
Karaoke Video: Thany Sanches
Costumes: Tomás Decina, Luisa Callegari, Carolina Bianchi
Art Assistant and General Artistic Collaboration: Tomás Decina

Dialogue on Theory and Dramaturgy: Silvia Bottiroli
Translation of texts into English and revision: Luisa Dalgalarrondo, Marina Matheus, Joana Ferraz, Larissa Ballarotti
Translation to French (subtitles): Thomas Resendes
Stage Manager and Production Support: AnaCris Medina
Production Direction and Tour Manager: Carla Estefan
International Management and Diffusion: Metro Gestão Cultural

Production: Metro Gestão Cultural, Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo
Coproduction: Festival d’Avignon, KVS Brussels, Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg – Scène européenne, Frascati Producties (Amsterdam).
Residency to finish the piece and set construction: Festival d’Avignon – La FabricA
Residencies: Frascati Theater, DAS Theatre (Amsterdam), Festival Proximamente/KVS (Brussels), Festival 21 Voltz/Central Elétrica (Porto), Pride Festival (Belgrade), Greta Galpão (São Paulo) e Espaço Desterro (Rio de Janeiro).

With the Support of Ammodo Foudation, DAS Theatre Master Program, 3 Package Deal of the AFK – Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst / Coalition: DAS Theatre, NDSM and Over ’t IJ Festival, Theater der Welt, Kaaitheater.

Photo: ©Christophe Raynaud de Lage

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This performance is not recommended for persons aged under 18.

Content note: Part of this performance can have a disturbing effect. It contains references to rape and gender-specific violence.

Introduction in German half an hour prior to the show.

Language: Brazilian Portuguese with German and English surtitles

Duration: ca. 150 min

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