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Hauch #2 - Music for Dance (2021/2023)
Rebecca Saunders
cresc... Biennale for Contemporary Music

Among composers, perhaps Rebecca Saunders is the grandmaster of string figures. She describes how she grasps sounds and noises with her hands, feeling their potential between the palms of her hands. ›Hauch #2‹ is a collage for music and dance. Here, passages and fragments of existing solo pieces and a duet merge within a new work. Along the way, Saunders is interested in the tensions arising when the »soliloquies« of the solos clash in a shared space, superimposing one another and interweaving. The result is a carpet of sound upon which the dancers move in a choreography by Rafaële Giovanola. This emphasizes the physicality of the two artistic means of expression, a physicality binding them together.

Ensemble Modern
Choreograph: Rafaële Giovanola
Light design: Matthias Rieker
Sound design: Norbert Ommer
Dramaturgy: Rainald Endraß
Costumes: Fa-Hsuan Chen
Outside eye: Álvaro Esteban

cresc... is funded by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

© Claus Langer

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Duration: 75 min