Space and time for contemporary productions
Miniaturen: The Parts of the Belly: research phase

Zoë Knights

Animals, including humans, produce vocalization through physical movement as a response to very primal instincts, instincts, which are often first felt and expressed through emotional impulses and sensations. These impulses propel voice to emerge from the internal to external through a series of movements, correlating to rhythmical shifts in the primal movements associated with the expression of those emotions.

In our research we look at how the composition of emotion, especially in unison, based on those subtle rhythmical nuances and the vocalization it produces, can affect the expression, reception and interpretation of that information. In THE PARTS OF THE BELLY we draw from one emotion, building structurally upon that small sliver of information as our physical working material, to create a minimally-styled crescendo of ideas. By abstracting emotion through its’ composition we explore how it re-directs, re-focuses, diverts and alters the communication of meaning. We are interested in how this material affects other bodies in the space where it takes place, in how sound travels, is perceived and can be changed, enhanced or manipulated.

Concept/choreography: Zoë Knights
Performance/project development: Benjamin Pohlig, Jule Flierl, Don Mabley-Allen
Sound/compostion: Boris Hauf
Light: Florian Bach
Production: Susanne Beyer
Unterstützt von: Tanznacht Berlin, Frankfurt LAB
Danke an: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Wiesenburg 55 Berlin