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18.00 Uhr
18.00 Uhr

Speech Lapse
Exhibition Nr. 3


The microphones are ready, the crowd is ready to hear, the lights are on, cameras poised, all attention is on you: the floor is yours, go on. Through the interplay of dualities — human and animal, primitive and civilized, historical and transhistorical, understanding and non-understanding — “Speech Lapse Exhibition Nr: 3” also challenges the binary of the viewer and the viewed, witness and occurrence; leading to the question of who the true protagonists are, if there are any. This opportunity to speak on stage is both a critical confrontation with language and a quest to find a private language. It creates its material cosmos with and within the profound question of power and its connection to language, confronting the myths surrounding speech and its claim to communicability. A project, and an attempt, a process to dismantle the orderedness of language and its associated products, including narratives.

Concept and Direction: Un-formula (Omid Mashhadi and Nazanin Bahrami)
Video Art: Mostafa Qahery
Sculpting: Nima Jahanbin

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