Space and time for contemporary productions
20.00 Uhr

Night Flight
based on the novel by Antoine de Saint-Éxupery

A live radio play based on the novel “Night Flight” by Antoine de Saint-Éxupery. In the acoustic cosmos the stories of the guard Rivière and the pilot Fabien are intertwined with those of Robert Hooke, Amelia Earhart and other protagonists from the history of flying. How do we talk about flying today and which stories were told in the past? Signals are transmitted through the night, are disconnected, reconnected, reach their destination – or do not. Languages are mixed in sound and light. Who is talking and who is listening?

From & with: Jonas Harksen, Sascha Etezazi, Ariana Battaglia, Zacharias Fasshauer, Lisa Freiberger

With kind support by Hessische Theaterakademie (HTA).

Admission free

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Language: German