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Mariana Sadovska & Friends Solidaritätskonzert für Menschen in und aus der Ukraine

On 24. 02. 2022 Russia started its war of aggression against Ukraine. Since then, thousands of people have been injured or killed. Millions are fleeing, or are encircled in their hometowns. The Alliance of international Production Houses cannot remain silent about this event. Together with Ukrainian singer Mariana Sadovska, its members invite to special concerts in Frankfurt, Dresden and Dusseldorf to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and refugees, to collect donations and to create a space for encounter.

Music critics call Mariana Sadovska “Bjork of Ukraine. ” In her programmes, she creates a moving connection between avant-garde and traditional music, often threatened with extinction, which Sadovska has been collecting for many years in villages in Ukraine and other remote areas in Eastern Europe. Mariana Sadovska will arrange the evenings with drummer and electronic musician Christian Thomé. They are supported by local musicians, in Frankfurt by the music ensemble Tiny Bridges, and by performers who read texts by authors and artists from Ukraine.

Donations are collected for the German-Ukrainian Association Blue-Gelbes Kreuz e. V.
Admission is free. Counting cards are available online or at the box office.

An event of the Alliance of international Production Houses in Frankfurt am Main, Dusseldorf and Dresden. The concert in Frankfurt am Main is supported by the Frankfurt LAB and its partners (Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Ensemble Modern, Hessische Theaterakademie, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst).

12.03.2022, 7.30 PM
Admission is free. Please book a counting card online or at the box office.