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Presentation N°1 (Cynthia 466)
Lena Appel

A piece for three characters in suspension
examines the connection of three bodies that technically never met
but is created by the unity of an image -
the stage.
“The fusion of desires” is acted out
on the platform of three figures:

1 Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore
2 Cindy Sherman

Presentation N°1 (Cynthia 466) intersects the work and methodology of photography and theater. In it, the transience and eventual fictionality of the performative act is juxtaposed with the petrification and supposed transparency of photography. The piece is focussed on the fictionalised relation between the three artist:s who blur the boundaries between photography, performance and acting in their work: Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore as well as Cindy Sherman.

Director: Lena Appel
Performance: Katja Cheraneva, Xdzunúm Danae Trejo Boles, Vera Varlamova
Voiceover: Alex Thake, Elsa Stanyer
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Birkner-Behlen
Outside eye: Anneliese Ostertag, Hlib Biekie
Light: Elias Asisi
Sound: Aerin Hong
Costumes: Carla Renée Loose
Make Up: Rachel Ashton
Stage: Leander Kreissl and Cyrill Kreissl
Production: Louisa Behr
Camera: John Hussain Flindt
Special thanks to: Xavier Le Roy, Bojana Kunst, Bernhard Siebert, Livia Piazza, Jeanne Eschert, Aran Kleebauer, Emmanuel Skachkov, Karl Kliem, Robin Stretz, Arthur Starchurski, Gabi Cattani, Laura Salerno, Sonia Knop, Rashiyah Elanga, Amina Szecsödy, Juliane Rettschlag und Julius Linnert, Werkstatt, Städelschule, KHB Weissensee

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, the Hessian Theater Academy, the Naspa Foundation and DigiPraxSND.

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Admission on a donation basis (recommended: 5-7 €)

The performance is in English with German subtitles.

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