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A Place in the Sun

In A PLACE IN THE SUN photographer Nicolas Henry, the director and actor Gora Diakhaté, the costume designer Coumba Diase, and the actor Mohamed Aroussi examine costumes and disguise as a means of understanding the Other. For this project, they are looking for people who would like to be photographed in costumes that are developed on-site. Especially people with backgrounds in former German colonies or other colonized countries shall be encouraged to join. It is an invitation to engage in a conversation and to share stories with the artist in order to stage historical or forgotten characters that participate/-d in the ongoing process of de-colonization or who distinguished themselves in that sense during the colonial period. The ideas created during those conversations are simultaneously transformed into costumes in which the participants are photographed. The individual costumes and photographs will then be shown in the context of Frankfurter Positionen 2019 at Halle 2 of Frankfurt LAB from the 29th of January onwards.

Those who are interested in participating are welcome to contact us via mail before January 21st. There will be expense compensations and a copy of the image can be made available. The appointments will take place between 23rd of January and 28th of January and will last about 2 hours, depending on the availability of the model. Contact:

Kitihawa’s Chandelier © Nicolas Henry
Kitihawa’s Chandelier © Nicolas Henry

More Information about A PLACE IN THE SUN can be found here.