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Teatro La Re-Sentida
Landschaften zum Nichtausmalen (Paisajes para no colorear)

Nine Chilean youths take to the stage: they talk of the violence inflicted on girls. Their stories are based on interviews with over 100 Chilean girls and young women about their experiences with violence, as witnesses or victims. On stage, the young actors between the age of 15 and 19 retell these real-life stories, commenting on them and re-enacting scenes. Highly emotional, sensitive or cheeky, angry and drastic, then again distanced, objective and what seems like completely cool. They do it in a way that you have to listen to them. And this is exactly what La Re-Sentida wants. They want to do more than just document the violence. It’s about finally breaking the silence. It’s about making demands. And no one is going to stop them now.

ALL IN from the age of 15
Duration: 90 Min.
Language: In Spanish with German surtitles
Introduction for the audience in German

Regie: Marco Layera
Mit: Ignacia Atenas, Sara Becker, Paula Castro, Daniela López, Angelina Miglietta, Matilde Morgado, Constanza Poloni, Rafaela Ramírez, Arwen Vásquez
Bühne und Licht: Pablo de la Fuente
Kostüme: Daniel Bagnara
Musik: Tomás González
Mitarbeit Dramaturgie: Anita Fuentes, Francisca Ortiz

Produktion: Centre Gabriela Mistral (GAM)
Koproduktion: Teatro La Re-Sentida. Gefördert durch das Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst im Rahmen der intergenerationalen Vermittlungsinitiative ALL IN – FÜR PUBLIKUM JEDEN ALTERS. In Kooperation mit Starke Stücke 2020.

Paisajes para no colorear © Jorge Sánchez
Paisajes para no colorear © Jorge Sánchez

€ 12 / red. € 6 / € 5 for f.f.m. students members / € 7 for f.f.m. members / group of students € 5 p.P.