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ERA GELDES & The Party: Federal Fluxus

Come and visit us! Gonna be some form of apocalyptic glam concert. My first solo in years. After many small concerts in England I want to show you Era Geldes first hand after a short, sparkling residency, still in progress, as everything and nothing, we will wander through the seven valleys inspired by "The conference of the birds" by Fariduddin Attar (written in 1135 in Iran).

A postapocalyptic installation, a musical tour through the Hall of Frankfurt LAB. Drone, electronics, sonic objects and storytelling. Following „The conference of the birds“ by Faruddin ariduddin Attar (geschrieben 1135 in Iran).. We are the afterparty!

We hike, we imagine, we vocalise. Our chant means we exist and if we can wake up we call the leaders, now!

By Ana Berkenhoff and Team:
Philip Albus, sounddesigner
Stefan Behrendt, director
Mai Gogishvili, costumedesigner

Thanks to Hessische Theaterakademie and Frankfurt LAB

Era Geldes is rocking her very own version of Dada-Postindustrial-Pop. She is working with electronic and analog sounds, homemade instruments, voice(s) and field recording. Her sonic works got invited to Evimus Festival for elektro-accoustic and visual music, sound in documentary film Huddersfield/UK, Tilde Festival for new music and sound art Melbourn.and has made recent appearances on Radio 3's Late Junction, BBC introducing, WaveFarm NY. She received a special mention from WISWOS woman in sound and the the Francis Chagrin Award for music. With homemade instruments like some Yuri Landmann versions (12-string sitar & steel-on-foam), electrix repeater, samples, field recordings and voice Era Geldes creates sonic song-landscapdes.

(c) Berkenhoff

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