Space and time for contemporary productions

Verena Kutschera & Mar Rodríguez: DIS/JOINTED SPACE

What if when we observe a body we were already perceiving its absence in the past, its actual presence and the imprints of its future?

As if present, past, and future were invisible layers deeply threaded and entangled with one another. DIS/JOINTED SPACE is a performance installation that poses questions about our awareness of time, space, and matter. Playing with the concepts of dis/continuity and multiplicity four performers interweave, interact, and interrupt their actions. This is a room to immerse, a space for experience, an invitation to perceive.

The two choreographers Verena Kutschera & Mar Rodríguez know each other from their studies (MACoDE) at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Together they follow their interest in contemporary choreography and address in their work the questions of how time can be experienced and visualized. DIS/JOINTED SPACE is their first production in Frankfurt am Main. The team consists of five international artists, who work at the interface between mediation and art. The Set Design is developed by Amelie Marei Loellmann, which forms the framework and starting point for the performance. Kutschera and Rodríguez dance themselves, with the Frankfurt dancer Richard Oberscheven, and the sound designer and performer Julius Holtz.

Concept/Direction: Verena Kutschera, Mar Rodríguez | Choreography/Performance: Verena Kutschera, Richard Oberscheven, Mar Rodríguez | Set Design/Costume: Amelie Marei Loellmann | Sound/Performance: Julius Holtz | Light: Amelie Marei Loellmann | Production: Verena Kutschera, Mar Rodríguez in cooperation with Kunstschaffende Frankfurt

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main. With kind support: Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, ID Frankfurt "Z" Zentrum für Proben und Forschung, Kunstschaffende Frankfurt and Frankfurt LAB

(c) Verena Kutschera

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