Space and time for contemporary productions
Residency Programme

Since 2014 the Frankfurt LAB is hosting an annual residency program. The residency is meant for artists from every discipline and is looking for nation and international participants. A collaboration with local based artist is explicitly welcome.

It offers a month’s worth of time for research, prepare and progress of artistic work in one of the given rehearsal spaces. The big hall of Frankfurt LAB is offered (divided in two studios, leaving about 300 square meters per studio). The hall is equipped with a stage floor and a lighting rig. The walls are in a light color, but with an all-round curtain system the hall can be transformed into a black box. The hall also has a movable and individually adjustable sitting tribune. The technical basic equipment of the hall includes lighting and audio equipment. There are also other smaller studios in Frankfurt LAB and nearby.

A residency means not only having a rehearsal space, but also technical equipment (as much as is available), technical assistance, as well as financial help for the needed material. Other than the help of the permanent staff, the artists are offered two shifts to work with technicians to optimize their technical setup.

The grant is 1400 Euro for each of a maximum of 2 people of a group, partly also travel and accommodation costs (Frankfurt LAB has no own artist-flats – the accommodation has to be organised independent, Frankfurt LAB can give a bit support). There is also the possibility to apply with lager groups - in this case the fee has to be shared between the participants.

Julian Weber, constructing ruins © Jörg Baumann

2019 Residents:
Carolin Millner
Hannes Köpke
Kristina Dreit
Kihako Narisawa